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While in Tokyo with our daughters in September 2019, we did a photo shoot through Flytographer! This is my new 'go to' souvenir gift to myself as they have photographers in cities all around the world.

I probably shouldn't have booked photos for the morning after we got there (we were definitely running a little ragged with jet lag and two small children), BUT I am still so glad we took these and our photographer Daniel was lovely to work with.

We took all the photos in the Asakusa neighborhood of Tokyo, and the temple pictured is the Sensō-ji Buddhist Temple. It was absolutely breathtaking and peaceful, even in the chaos of such a large city.

Max was only three months old on this trip and Kit was still two. I am pretty sure our friends and family thought we were slightly crazy taking them on such a big trip. (We like a challenge, what can I say?)

It was so fun to walk around the streets of Japan because Max was tiny and attracted A LOT of attention. We got to chat with so many more locals because we had a baby with us, so it will always be a special memory of her at this age. Kit was also extra adorable and such a little trooper. We had a blast with her (despite the hard moments) and would do it again in a heartbeat!

We loved the vending machines around Tokyo so I thought it was a fun idea that Daniel took photos of us and the unique (to us) products.

We walked around the Sensō-ji Temple and cute streets nearby.

Here are a few more highlights of Maxy Moo! Isn't she so sweet, even with her grumpy sleep face?

The Tokyo Skytree is the tall building in the background! This is still in the historic Asakusa neighborhood, just a short walk from the temple.

And now a few highlights of Kittles. You can tell she was getting very tired at the end, but she tried to hang!

We highly debated delaying this trip, but I am so glad we didn't, because we all know how 2020 turned out. That made it even more special to look back on and a good lesson to GO FOR IT when you can.

We ran into our photographer Daniel a few days after these photos. We were in a busy part of Tokyo and I hear, "ASHLEY, ASHLEY!" It cracked me up because I was wondering who the world knew me in Tokyo? And also, what are the chances of running into the one person I had met in a massive city? Meant to be, I suppose. Or I am just obviously super famous in Tokyo, no big deal.

This post is not sponsored (but please feel free to sponser me Flytographer, haha!), but you can use code: ASHLEYRINGGER or follow this link for $50 off your first shoot.

When I finally get myself more organized I will share more of this trip, our favorite places/recommendations and tips for traveling with little kiddos! But for now I will say, Japan is such a fabulous destination with amazing food and the kindest people you'll ever meet. The Japanese do pretty much everything better, I promise this.

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