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Updated: Apr 13, 2021

We just got back from an amazing babymoon in Maui. It was just what the doctor ordered with lots of relaxing, swimming, family time, and ALL the virgin piña coladas this Mama could drink. I am so ready to meet our little girl Max in just about 6 weeks now and I feel refreshed and ready to go!

I have a lot of Maui recommendations I plan to share, but first I had to post photos from my favorite thing we did on the island.... a vacation photo shoot.

Why haven't I done something like this sooner?

We used Rojeena from Flytographer, a website that compiles destination photographers from around the world. You can browse and book someone with a style you love, from Maui to Paris to Tokyo and everywhere in-between.

As a note, I paid for the photoshoot in full (this post is NOT sponsored), but I loved the experience so much I cannot recommend it enough if you are looking for gorgeous family photos on your next trip, wherever that may be!

(You can follow this link for $50 off your first shoot.)

Now I have to decide which are my top few to frame, which feels nearly impossible.

Just looking through these I can feel the calm, Hawaiian spirit which makes me incredibly happy.

^Sweet baby Max Lily!

I love that our photographer got some beach shots, but also some photos with greenery in them.

I also love all the shots of Kit, which completely capture her goofy and inquisitive two-year-old personality. She is so excited for her little sister to be here.

We also got a few sweet couple shots of just the two of us.

I love the ocean shots too. All of these were taken at Kapalua Bay, West Shore in Maui. The location is close to Lahaina and Kaanapali if you are staying in either of those areas.

We also climbed down onto some lava rock for photos. I would never have known this spot existed, but it was gorgeous.

Can you handle Kit's little sand covered feet? Because I cannot!

Our photographer even caught a few snaps with that gorgeous golden light right before sunset...

I will cherish these memories forever.

(You can use code: ASHLEYRINGGER or follow this link for $50 off your first shoot.)

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