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Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Mama's Fish House is the best restaurant in Maui. Hands down. It is pricey, but lives up to the cost with extremely fresh fish and delicious side dishes.

I've seriously never had better fish in my life, so save up your pennies for this one!

The view from the restaurant is another part of its appeal. It is just off the beach, so you get fresh sea air and beautiful vistas while enjoying your food. I am not sure how Hawaii does high end food in a way that feels fancy and laid back at the same time, but they do.

I had the mahi mahi stuffed with crab, baked in a macadamia nut crust, with a lobster tail.

Charles had grilled mahi mahi and onaga with slow cooked wild boar in a ti leaf, poi, and poke.

The presentation alone was gorgeous, but the food was light and flavorful perfection.

We walked along the beach and gave Kit a little too much love after!

And just for fun, this 'accidental renaissance' photo of Kit. (She was so small, we took her when she was only 3 months and it was her first trip!)

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